About Kallya Garodi

Since time immemorial with all spiritual unseen combination of knowledge, devotion and other supernatural powers we are fruitfully blessed by the grace of “Shree Kodamanithaya Brahma Baidarkala” Daivas. With the God gifted beautiful natural surroundings Kalya Villagers are contented with present life situations and lead a prosperous life just because of the holy blessings of supernatural powers the daivas. We are lucky enough to have uncountable devotees of ” Shree Kodamanithaya Brahma Baidarkala’ and you have turned all the impossible holy activities into possible and this cherished our heart with joy.

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What our well wishers have to say?

An extremely pious work and am thankful to be able to serve.

Mr. Rajesh Poojary.

May God bless us all.

Mr JayaPrakash Shetty